Jayden goes to the doctor

Jayden Jaymes and whore friend
Jayden Jaymes and one of her whore friends. She looks amazingly sexy in that short dress. Wouldn’t say no to doing her friend either, but lets stay focused on our favourite porn whore, Jayden Jamyes. It seems like the story here is that she has a doctors appointment. But we all know that she will end up sucking cock and getting fucked as always. That’s why we like her so much 🙂
Jayden gets her face fucked by the doctor
I’m sure the doctor easily convinced Jayden that this is a new technique they use for checking female patients tonsils. She gets a good face fucking.
Jayden Jaymes choked with a tie
I’m not sure what the doctor is checking here, but I’m sure its all in good fun when he puts a tie around the sluts neck and chokes her. It’s all in a days work for Jayden 🙂
Jayden looking fantastic while getting fucked
This is where you see how fantastic her body is. All stretched out like that, fucked from behind. Her big tits bouncing all over the place and her body looking nicely toned. She keeps in good shape with all the fucking she does on the job, and probably off the job too. Enjoy some vids from this scene by clicking on the pictures.

Jayden Jaymes oily and sucking

Jayden with just her tits out
Man she looks good in this picture. She has her main assets out for everyone to see. Those tits sure were a good investment for her. I wonder how much they cost and if she paid for them herself.
Thats fantastic Jayden ass
And here we have Jayden all oiled up and ready to go. That ass is looking fantastic, and she knows it. I read somewhere that she was going to pop her anal cherry on film, but I haven’t seen any scenes with her taking cock up her ass yet. It’s about time though. That ass is made for fucking.
Ms. Jaymes doing her job
And of course here we have Jayden doing what she does best and what she does to pay her bills. And she really does look even better with a cock in her mouth. That’s probably why she has one in her mouth most of the time 😉 She’s such a good whore.

Jayden pays for pizza

Jayden Jaymes and pizza delivery guy
Jayden has her own special way of paying the pizza delivery guy. Maybe being in the pizza delivery business isn’t as bad afterall. But paying for things with her body is nothing new to our favourite porn whore Jayden Jaymes. How do you think she pays for her apartment?
Jayden Jaymes pays for pizza with her mouth
The whore doesn’t waste any time before wrapping her lips around the delivery guys cock as she wants to make sure he doesn’t change his mind and wants cash instead.
Jayden gets tit fucked
I’ve never thought of Jayden as the typical dumb porn bimbo, but in this picture she doesn’t look too smart. But she sure knows what she’s doing. Using those perfect man made tits on a cock is another good way to pay the delivery guy.

Jayden tied up and fucked

Jayden Jaymes tied and used
Who would have thought that Jayden would start doing fetish and even bdsm scenes. I’m so glad someone persuaded her to go that way because she looks so good tied up and helpless. Maybe they could have tied her tits up a bit tighter, but I guess she is worried about her implants. Nevertheless, she looks good when she is used hard. Click on the pictures to see a few video clips of her being used. She actually seems to be enjoying herself, so lets hope we get to see more of this side of our favourite porn whore Ms. Jaymes. Under is one more picture of her being “abused” from behind.
Jayden bent over and fucked

Jayden from behind

Jayden from behind with panties
I know I’ve posted some pics from this series before, but I just love Jaydens ass in these pics. First the guy is getting her ready to be fucked by checking out her pussy and ass, then he mounts her and takes her from behind. And she looks so fucking sexy no matter what she is doing. And that cute little outfit and those white panties. Sexy, sexy sexy. There is only one thing that would make Jayden Jaymes a better slut, and that is if she started taking it in the ass on camera. But she is a good slut, so I’m sure someone will convince her its a good idea sooner or later. We just have to be patient. Anyway, thats all for now. Make sure you check out some more pics of her here.
Jayden gets fucked from behind

Jayden and Nikki

Jayden and Nikkis tits
It seems Jayden has been keeping busy doing plenty of new scenes for our viewing pleasure lately. It’s good of her to let strangers use her holes so we can get the pleasure of watching her in action. In these pictures she is doing some work with a blonde bimbo called Nikki. The blonde seems to have done some surgery not only on her tits. She seems to have lost the ability to smile. I’d do them both, but Jayden Jaymes is of course the girl of choice even if the other girl has bigger tits. I hope you like the pics, and if you want to see more, you can here.
Jayden and Nikki sharing cock

Jaydens holes

Jaydens asshole
Today I thought I’d put some more focus on Jaydens “nether regions”. Her most important parts, so to speak. Her pussy and her asshole. And as you can see Jayden Jaymes is no stranger to showing off those two parts of the female body that most men spend their whole lives trying to get into. Just look at that ass, the perfect shape, and the two holes in the middle. Clean shaven of course, and both holes look very inviting, but in the above picture maybe her ass looks most ready for some action.
Jaydens pussyhole with cock in it
Here we see Jaydens pussy in action, and that is one of the smoothest pussies I have ever seen. Looks perfect with a cock in it, and that tattoo just looks great on her. You can see more of these pictures by clicking here.

Jayden and her tits

Jayden and her tits
Doesn’t she look hot in this picture? Just look at how big Jaydens tits look here. Simply amazing. I didn’t notice this, but she took a break from porn a while back while dating a porn producer, but I heard an interview with her a few days ago, and it seems he dumped her, so she is back to doing porn again. So thats great. She belongs in porn. Check out a few video samples from the scene this picture was taken from.

Jayden gets fucked

Jayden gets fucked
Time for another post! Jayden is looking hot as always. Those tits are so fucking nice. And I normally don’t like big tattoos on women, but on Jayden Jaymes looks great with her tattoo on her hip. She seems to really be enjoying that cock in her. I’m sure plenty of guys out there would like to be where the guy in the picture is. Her pussy looks so nice and tight and ready for a fucking. You’ll find Jayden and hundreds of other busty hotties here!